Māori Plant Use

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BEST Elsdon 1942. Forest lore of the Māori. Dominion Museum Bulletin 14
TITLE: Forest lore of the Māori
PUBLISHER: Dominion Museum Bulletin.
NOTES: A key reference. Information collected in detail by Best during some 20 years of close association with Māori, particularly the Tūhoe (Urewera). Sections include: the Mauri of the forest; plant names; ceremonial uses of plants; seasons; food supplies obtained from the wild (berries, roots, oils and gums, masticatories, including hīnau, tawa, karaka, tutu, tītoki, mamaku, nīkau, fungi, tī, raupō, rātā). Large section on aruhe or fernroot - including varietal names. Flax cultivars listed. Bark and its uses. Also chapters on the Māori as fowler, arts of the fowler, including the whare mātā, where implements for hunting and fishing were made and stored. Detailed descriptions of implements and the forest birds, tree climbing methods, and bird preservation. Section on kiore (native rat). Some similes related. Illustrated with photos and drawings. References.
LINK WORDS: Corynocarpus, nomenclature, harakeke, Typha, wild food, Beilschmiedia, Eleocharis, Keyref, Metrosideros, Phormium, Pteridium, hunting, Coriaria, Cyathea, Alectryon, preservation techniques, traditions, Cordyline