Māori Plant Use

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ANDERSON A. W. (N. D. H.), Botanic Gardens, Timaru 1954. The Māori as plant hunter. The Gardener's Chronicle 19 June (135): 232, 3 July (136) : 4
AUTHOR: ANDERSON A. W. (N. D. H.), Botanic Gardens, Timaru
TITLE: The Māori as plant hunter
PUBLISHER: The Gardener's Chronicle
NOTES: An admiring (if eurocentric) account of Māori knowledge of the plant world. Some traditions about rātā, harakeke, kiekie and the prickly species (speargrass, ongaonga, matagouri, and lawyers) are related. Some discussion on plant names - the descriptive and those brought from the Pacific. Note that the Māori and Tahitians both knew closely related trees as rata.
LINK WORDS: Urtica, Aciphylla, Metrosideros, Phormium, Discaria, traditions, Freycinetia, Rubus