Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Convolvulus. Chatham Islands. Marautara.
FAMILY: Convolvulaceae
BOTANICAL NAME: Convolvulus spp.
MĀORI NAME: marautara
COMMON NAME: Convolvulus
TRADITIONS: Member of Convolvulus family introduced to Chatham Islands by crew in Rangimata canoe.
Shand 1911 (p.202) says re Moriori origins ... 'they say that in that land the kōwhai and pohutukawa bloomed, and the marautara grew..'
p.119. In notes, Shand writes that ''...one of the Ngati-tama Māoris recognized [marautara] as growing over the old decayed huts at Poutama, Whie Cliffs, Taranaki, New Zealand; he called it Popohue. It is now extinct.''

See Calystegia sepium.