Māori Plant Use

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New Zealand Exhibition 1865. Official catalogue of the New Zealand Industrial Exhibition. Dunedin, Mills, Dick and Company. 156 + viii p.
AUTHOR: New Zealand Exhibition
TITLE: Official catalogue of the New Zealand Industrial Exhibition
PUBLISHER: Mills, Dick and Company
NOTES: Exhibits were shown from throughout New Zealand. Of particular interest are the fibre specimens (especially flax), dye examples, and list of trees and shrubs found in Otago and their uses by Buchanan. Buchanan discusses the need to cultivate flax to get the best quality fibre (as did North Island Māori) and to find out details on traditional methods of dyeing. Two books made from flax paper were exhibited, one by T. N. Kirk (Auckland), the other by Colenso who exhibited Murray's book.
LINK WORDS: harakeke, paper, flax fibre dyes, Phormium