Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Cyathea smithii. Soft tree fern. Kātote.
FAMILY: Cyatheaceae
BOTANICAL NAME: Cyathea smithii
MĀORI NAME: KĀTOTE (Beattie 1920), katote, neineikura, whē
COMMON NAME: Soft tree fern
FOOD: ''''The iho (heart) of the katote is good to eat, but that of the others [poka and wheki] is bitter. I remember that three of us had a good feed of the heart of a katote at Opiriao (Sandy Bay, near Catlin's). Perhaps katote heart might make good jam - it had a sweet taste'' (Māori informant, Beattie 1920).
Informant Tunuku Karetai (Otago Peninsula) had eaten kātote in the south and at Stewart Island and had seen it eaten raw. (Beattie, MS 582/E/11, Hocken).