Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Euphorbia glauca. Milkweed. Waiūatua.
FAMILY: Euphorbiaceae Spurge or Milkweed family
BOTANICAL NAME: Euphorbia glauca
MĀORI NAME: waiūatua, waiū-o-kahukura (Best, Williams); tauwau, ueueeke (both recorded in Taylor 1855)
COMMON NAME: Māori spurge; milkweed; shore spurge
MEDICINAL: May have medicinal use - 'seeing so very many species of the same genus have long been medicinally employed' (Colenso 1869a)
Put weed (kerosene tin full) in enough water for a bath, boil for an hour, strain, use for bath and for skin diseases (Poverty Bay Federation of Women's Institutes Cookery Calendar, mid-1930s.

Related pharmacology in Brooker, Cambie and Cooper 1987.
See Riley 1994 for information on medicinal uses of related plants elsewhere in the world.
TOXINS: Many allied plants are poisonous (Aston 1923b)
TRADITIONS: Legend concerning plant in Best 1908, p233