Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Coprosma repens. Taupata.
FAMILY: Rubiaceae Coffee family
BOTANICAL NAME: Coprosma repens
MĀORI NAME: TAUPATA (Rotorua, Wellington), naupata (northern North Island), māmāngi (East Cape), angiangi (Bay of Plenty). Regions associated with Māori names recorded by Kirk 1889. .
COMMON NAME: taupata
FOOD: Berries eaten (Colenso 1869a, 1881)
See Crawford 1877 for use as coffee substitute.
FIBRE: Frequently plaited by Māori (Kirk 1889) [? Ed.]
TRADITIONS: Ornamental originated from paddles and skids of the Arawa canoes (Bay of Plenty). Small clump of trees at Maketu descended from these.