Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Nestegis montana. Rōroro. Narrow-leaved maire.
FAMILY: Oleaceae Olive family
BOTANICAL NAME: Nestegis montana
MĀORI NAME: RŌRORO, maire rōroro, maire kōtae, maire rauriki (Best 1910); maire roro (Best 1908)
COMMON NAME: narrow-leaved maire
FOOD: Kirk 1889 considered that it 'would in all probability afford a valuable stock for the varieties of the cultivated olive'
DOMESTIC: Nestegis spp. used for war implements and carved walking staves (Colenso 1869a)
ENVIRONMENT: Kokō (tūī) fed on the barries of maire roro, but the kererū never does. (Best 1908)