Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Olearia rani. Heketara. Scented tree daisy.
FAMILY: Asteraceae Daisy family
BOTANICAL NAME: Olearia rani
MĀORI NAME: HEKETARA, taraheke, tātaraheke, akewharangi, ngungu, wharangi-piro (all in Williams 1971)
COMMON NAME: tree daisy
TOXINS: Olearia rani has been suspected of being poisonous to livestock, but tests reported in Connor 1977 showed no toxic effects.
ENVIRONMENT: Sometimes transplanted and grown near villages (Best 1909)
SCENT: One of most beautiful tree daisies. Leaves used to give an agreeable scent to oil. Crushed leaves, with kōpuru moss, used by themselves to impart a pleasing odour to clothing (Best 1908).
TRADITIONS: If heketara seen to blossom abundantly, said to be a token of a fine summer to follow (Best 1908).