Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Carex secta. Carex spp. Sedges. Pūrei.
FAMILY: Cyperaceae
MĀORI NAME: pūrei, pūreirei, pūrekireki, pūkio, mātā, mātātā, makura, mārū; tamatea (Best 1908)
COMMON NAME: niggerhead
DESCRIPTION: This large sedge is widespread in swamps throughout NZ. Williams 1971 lists many of the Māori names as pertaining to Carex diandra (a smaller species, not as widespread). It is likely that the names also refer to C. secta and other common Carex species. The definition for pūrei, pūreirei reads: ''Carex diandra and perhaps other species, niggerhead; a sedge plant which grows in raised tufts''.
Beattie 1920 says: ''Pukio was the Maori name of 'niggerheads', and there is a stream beyond the Waiau known as Wai-pukio''
CONSTRUCTION: Tamatea: found in swampy places in open country, used as thatch for huts (Best 1908). Carex secta?