Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Peraxilla colensoi. Scarlet mistletoe. Pirita.
FAMILY: Loranthaceae Mistletoe family
BOTANICAL NAME: Peraxilla colensoi
PREVIOUS NAMES: Elytranthe colensoi
MĀORI NAME: pirita (generic time for mistletoes, also supplejack), pirinoa (Best 1908).
When in flower, or the flower itself: korukoru (Best 1908)
COMMON NAME: mistletoe; scarlet mistletoe
DESCRIPTION: Grows as parasite on tawai (Nothofagus) trees round Waikaremoana (ibid)
[Although Williams 1971 gives korokoru as P. colensoi in flower, the description in Best could also refer to P. tetrapetala. Ed. ]