Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Hoheria angustifolia. Narrow-leafed lacebark. Houhi.
FAMILY: Malvaceae
BOTANICAL NAME: Hoheria angustifolia
MĀORI NAME: houhi, houhi puruhi (Williams 1971)
Small leaf: hūngere
COMMON NAME: narrow-leaved lacebark
NOTES: For uses see Hoheria populnea
FIBRE: The bark can be scraped, dried, beaten in to material suitable for making cloaks, kete, poi balls, belts, head adornments, piupiu. Belts sometimes made of houi, but more commonly of whītau ''One of my informants deplored the fact that houi (ribbonwood) was now so scarce that the New Zealand Government would not permit 'Tihore te rakau' (barking the trees). The bark ... was not dyed in olden days but is coloured now to make fancy articles for modern use on a small scale.'' Southern informants recorded by Beattie in 1920. (Beattie 1994)