Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Libocedrus plumosa. Kaikawaka.
FAMILY: Cupressaceae
BOTANICAL NAME: Libocedrus plumosa
PREVIOUS NAMES: Thuja doniana (in Taylor); Dacrydium plumosum
MĀORI NAME: KAWAKA, KAIKAWAKA; kahikawaka (Best 1908); mokopiko, tōtara-kiri-kōtukutuku (both in Williams 1971)
DOMESTIC: Picture frames. Wood dark-coloured, beautifully grained, close and heavy. Believed to be very valuable (Colenso 1869a).
Wallace 1989 found a fernroot beater, a maul and a teka made from Libocedrus spp. among museum artefacts he tested.