Māori Plant Use

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Plant Use Details 

Olearia colensoi. Tūpare. Leatherwood.
FAMILY: Asteraceae Daisy family
BOTANICAL NAME: Olearia colensoi
MĀORI NAME: TŪPARE, tupari (Stewart Island); kūmarahou, kumararaunui (in Williams 1971); tangaru-rake (see note in Description).
COMMON NAME: leatherwood
DESCRIPTION: Best 1908 says that tangaru-rake [= tanguru-rake ] is ''a species found growing on the summits of high ranges, where scrub alone prevails.'' This fits the northern pattern of habitat for O. colensoi. It is found, for instance, on top of the Maungapohatu range, in subalpine scrub. Tanguru is recorded as O. furfuracea.
CONSTRUCTION: Most common shrub used in building of round whare on Titi Islands. Trees bent by prevailing winds. (Beattie 1994).